Footings and Foundations in House Building

Footings and Foundations in House Building

The foundations of a house will, for the lifetime of the building, probably never be seen again once the house is built, and being out of site means out of mind, but nevertheless, the foundations are a vital part of the construction.

The foundations are what transfer the weight of the building safely and evenly out into the ground and support the weight of the walls and roof, and give a sound base on which to build.

Types of foundations vary with the size, shape and mass of the proposed construction, Continue reading Footings and Foundations in House Building

The Persecution Of UK Motorists

Are UK Motorists The Most Persecuted Drivers On Earth?

For more than two decades, UK motorists have faced a growing threat to their driving licences in the name of road safety. The big issue however is that during that period and in light of the growing number of fixed speed camera, constant speed monitoring zones, 20 mph areas, mobile camera vans etc. the number of annual fatalities on our roads has remained comparatively static.

The introduction of speed cameras seems to have the effect of moving accidents to other sections of road which aren’t policed by cameras.

While reducing the accidents at current accident black spots, the end result is that drivers adjust their habits, choosing instead to ‘enjoy’ roads with no cameras, leading to the creation of Continue reading The Persecution Of UK Motorists

How To Futureproof Your Website

Is It Possible To Futureproof Your Website

The internet is constantly evolving and changing, with technology advances constantly requiring amendments and changes to web design and marketing strategy in order to stay up to date. So, is it possible to futureproof your site against future changes?

The answer is that to a certain extent it is, but not withstanding they might in time be developments that require major revisions to your site and web presence.

If you consider that just a few years ago, mobile phones and tablets weren’t used to access web content, and now they dominate Continue reading How To Futureproof Your Website

Further Education – The Benefits

Higher Education and Further Education

News has come from the government this summer, that universities can now charge over the £9000 per year rate for your education, and can start with almost immediate effect from 2017.

This, it is stated, is in line with inflation and it would appear that a figure of £9250 is going to be the cap, although if it continues to be linked, fees of £10,000 per annum would be on the cards in the next few years.

In the world of further education, funding cuts have meant evermore belt tightening, and some institutions struggling for their existence.

Students in universities now, could be hit with the fees hike if their courses run to, or through 2017. Maintenance grants will be axed this year, and average student loan debt currently at something in excess of Continue reading Further Education – The Benefits

The Internet – What The Hell Happened?

Keeping an Eye on the Internet

Throughout history, human nature has produced types of people that for one reason or another, do not follow the social norms and turn to a life of crime.

Across ages there have been pirates, highway men, adventurers, and the years have made the names seem romantic, but in reality they were thieves, robbers, swindlers, criminals by any name.

There really isn’t anything romantic sounding about cyber-criminals, computer hackers or scammers, but they are some of the criminals we face today.

With the help of fibre optics, the internet has never been easier to access, and shopping online has spread into almost every household in the country.

And there’s plenty to like about it, with its vast range of Continue reading The Internet – What The Hell Happened?