How To Futureproof Your Website

Is It Possible To Futureproof Your Website

The internet is constantly evolving and changing, with technology advances constantly requiring amendments and changes to web design and marketing strategy in order to stay up to date. So, is it possible to futureproof your site against future changes?

The answer is that to a certain extent it is, but not withstanding they might in time be developments that require major revisions to your site and web presence.

If you consider that just a few years ago, mobile phones and tablets weren’t used to access web content, and now they dominate as the devices of choice for the majority.

Few web designers could have foreseen the speed of development in small screen technology, and who really knows where technology will take us next?

In ten years time, the internet as we know it might look very different, in fact, it is heading towards a non screen world, where one day will may very well access the information we need via voice commands, being given the information we need verbally, via iWatches, wearable tech or who knows what tiny ear pieces, chips embedded beneath our skin…… or some other tech that we haven’t even thought of yet.

Japanese technology already exists for an embedded voice operated chip that sits beneath your skin, the battery being charged from your pulse!

Does this mean that everything you do today is ultimately pointless and futile? No, just that everything has a lifespan and as a business owner, you need to stay abreast of development online and adapt to it as it happens.

In the same way as social media developed, in the early days, no one knew which sites would rise to dominance, MySpace, Friends Reunited, De.lic.ous…. etc.

The more web savvy business owners dipped a toe into several different platforms, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn etc are the survivors, but how many others tried and failed to become the dominant site?

A wise man once said, “skate to where the puck is going, not where it is” and that has never been more true of the internet.

Yes, it will change over time, but most of that change is an evolution rather than a revolution and it will be some time before the internet as we know it evolves into a screenless virtual PA information provider.

In the meantime, the web isn’t going anywhere, it will only continue to grow and expand. As it does so, the machines that govern it will get smarter and wiser, more selective and choosy about what pages they like and dislike. Make your website one of the ones that Google likes; ask SEO¬≥ Hitchin for optimization advice and implementation.

As a website owner, it is your responsibility to make sure that you strive to be the best quality, most informative and helpful resource within your niche…. this process will futureproof your site as much as is possible. If you are concerned about your website’s compliance with the changing online environment, request a free SEO audit from DeehoSEO and find out everything good and bad about your site so you are prepared for the future.

If you achieve that they search engines will want to include your site in their listings and your business will thrive.